Something had to be done. By mid 2004, Buttoned Down had settled into a monthly club rather than a weekly and I had a bit of a think about the Dead Man's Boots idea. It was definitely do-able, but we would need to find a venue suitably small that would allow us to hijack their place and take it over with random music mayhem.

I opted against the blindfold idea and decided that it Simon Pricewould be much more fun to invite some of the London scene DJ's to take part. I had plenty to choose from and Simon Price from Stay Beautiful had previously stated that he would DEFINITELY attend a club that played records entirely at random.

In any case, with three resident DJs (myself, Nathan and Martin) and a central location and a couple of energetic flyerers we should be laughing. Then the picture started really coming together, we would play each record once, throw it out to the crowd, and charge a minimum amount of money on door which
we would then give to Help The Aged, which was kind of a nice way of saying that what comes around goes around.

Ideally, we would then invite everyone who had been given a record back on the final night so that they could play the record that they had been given and then we would present the money to Help The Aged. Reasoning that if we raised £200 at each night and we went on for ten weeks, we could raise £2000 in total which would be very cool.

I decided to roll with this idea and set about finding a venue first of all. Obviously the smaller the better, and if it was close to Oxford Street then it would be easy to flyer tourists and the like. I had already approached a venue called Push at the top of Dean Street which was far too small for Buttoned Down, but with a capacity of 80 would have been perfect for Dead Man's Boots.

It was actually owned by a completely bonkers Serbian old boy called Borko, who within two minutes of meeting him I had had to hold my hand in his face, Springer stylee until he agreed to shut up. His venue
Dead Man's Boots
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