Dogstar memories on what would have been otherwise dull, skint weeknights.

Everything seemed to be on the up; I had brought in the biggest sale that Loot had ever seen and gone a whopping 550% above my sales targets. A couple of £3.5k paycheques later and I moved out to America with my girlfriend Rachel to enjoy a long winter in 3 ft of snow.

When I got back from the States I quickly found a pad in Brixton where I was re-united with my records and had a real gas ploughing through the collection and unfolding some of the more obscure gems. It was at this point (July 2001) that I realised that I had in front of me, the most genuinely eclectic music collection in the world. The Smurfs sat happily alongside Shalamar and you were as likely to pluck out The Wombles as you were Wizzard. Tony Bennett snuggled up to Toni Basil and there was even a copy of the very first Beatles EP. Scratched to buggery, but there nonetheless.

My friends Nathan and Martin popped round for spaghetti bolognese one night and we were chatting
about what we could do with the records. Either Nathan or Martin, or possibly both of them devised a plan where we started a clubnight where a blindfolded DJ would play the records entirely at random and then throw them out into the crowd. In tribute to the DJ's collection, we would call the night 'Dead Man's Boots' as effectively, we would be filling the boots of a dead man. In all honestly we never thought we would actually get to do anything with them, but we had a good snigger at the idea.

Buttoned Down DiscoNothing happened for a good year or so and when I did get round to starting a clubnight it was actually Buttoned Down Disco which was an instant success that took up most of my free time throughout late 2002 and all of 2003.

All this time, the dead mans records were sitting in the living room giving Rachel a terrible dust allergy.
Dead Man's Boots
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