spent the two surrounding weekends selling my beloved music collection to various traders and shops. I spent some of the money on a record player and bought a couple of hundred quids worth of prized Northern Soul LP's and used the rest of the money to keep myself alive until payday turned up.

LootWhen I got paid at the end of July, I was scouring through Loot whilst bored at work, and spotted one ad that stood right out; 1400 7" singles for £100. I was too curious to pass this by, and had been spending the previous few months wigging out on a weekly basis to Joe Egg's then legendary Brixton clubnight Negligee, which played vinyl only pop nuggets from the 60's to the 90's.

So off I went and phoned the bloke up, and it turned out that I was actually speaking to the son-in-law of a DJ who had recently died, having DJ'd from the 50's to the 80's. He had left behind his records, and they needed the space and they had to go. The fella told me very little about what was in the collection but I
figured that for 7p a single, I really couldn't go far wrong, and besides, the guy was happy to drive them to my house in Camberwell from Bromley in SE London, even though there was a petrol crisis in full swing, courtesy of Tony Blair. Like, they must have really needed the space.

When the guy arrived at my house and lifted the records from the boot of his battered old Cortina, I noticed the records were actually in old drawers and were rammed in so tight that I didn't bother to check any of them, I just helped him carry them in and handed him £100, cheesy grin and a quick handshake and the guy was gone.

Toni Basil - MickeyA quick flick through the records revealed enough classics to keep me happy:

Diana Ross' 'Chain Reaction', Toni Basil's 'Hey Mickey', Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love', Irene Cara's 'Fame' and John Paul Young's 'Love Is In The Air' and suddenly I was reliving all those
Dead Man's Boots
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