The Story of Dead Man's Boots
as told by Dollyrocker


The HideawayWhen I first moved to London is March 2000 I had dreams of being a DJ and running my own clubnight. I thought all the indie clubs sucked (apart from Trash) and I could do better myself. Arrogant? Yes. Deluded? Hell yeh.

So there it began, Dollyrocker launches his own weekly erm, Thursday night clubnight at the now defunct Le Scandele in Soho and then precedes to call it The Hideaway and flyer as many girls as possible.

Of course, it flopped big style and left me not only completely and utterly broke, but unemployed and left in a chilling predicament. Either; A: move back to hometown suburban hell; or B; sell my entire CD collection (about 1200 cds) and find immediate employment that I could manipulate into making lots of fast cash. The two things happened at almost exactly the same time, I started employment with Loot the freeads paper in Kilburn on 1st July 2000 and
Dead Man's Boots
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